Monday, April 21, 2014

Purse Strings

I bought the hand-dyed yarn for this while in Great Falls, Montana in 2011 to help scatter my dad's ashes on one of his old duck-hunting places. I went into the one yarn shop I saw and asked them to steer me in the direction of something local that I wouldn't be able to find here. This was one of the things they showed me. I knitted the bag in fairly quick fashion and even felted/fulled it. What I didn't do until 2014 was look for handles and, once I found them, sew them on.

I have been since been debating what to do with this. It's about 14 or 15 inches at its widest point. Now having a zipper at the top, something could fall out of it. I also prefer to have bags I can carry over my shoulder. Perhaps I should offer to give it to anyone who comments here that they would like to have it.

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