Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Last but not the Least

I expect that the above will be the last UnFinished Object in the something of a challenge that some creative friends and I have been doing. The aim was to finish objects or projects that we started before January 1, 2013. Each finished project earns someone one entry in a raffle, the winner(s) of which will be drawn in several weeks when some of us are gathering in Perth, Australia. While I have many unfinished projects, I don't expect to be putting any time into finishing them between today and my departure for Perth two weeks from tomorrow.

The quilt remnant shown above came from a quilted jacket I made some years ago. I was originally thinking of it as a purse. Then, the idea of a laptop bag arose, and it actually would have been just the right size. The problem was that sewing the sides together to make it into a bag was impossible on Xena. Even my Warrior Bernina could not handle two layers of quilt. It hit me the other morning that the piece was the perfect way to keep track of all sorts of buttons and pins that are sitting in various containers, pockets, etc. around here. The ones shown above are the ones I found around the desk in the kitchen and the card catalog in the dining room. I have enough other rooms to search through that the possibility exists I may end up using both sides of the above.


  1. An aha moment - I just found a box of buttons dating back to the 60s. Hmm. I love the quilt you made for this.

  2. I was planning to do something like this with all the buttons on the bulletin board in my office. I never got around to it and now it's too late!

  3. I have attached a lot or pins to a wall hanging Gilly made me for my birthday to hang in my office when I was working. It is so good to have somewhere to put all this kind of thing!